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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A Mossy Divorce

Randy Moss is like a rolling stone...

After forcing his way into a trade out of New England, the Minnesota Vikings waived Randy Moss after only four games. They ate what they gave up for him and told him to get out. They probably emptied his locker and threw all his stuff on the curb.

As nasty a break-up as it was, it seems to have been the right move for everyone. Moss was unhappy and his heart just wasn't in it. He could no longer look past the flaws. The Vikings wanted to make it work, but parting ways was the only way to keep their self-esteem.

It does seem difficult to blame Moss for being a little upset about his new situation. He just went from possibly the best-run organization in the league to a slap fight between an aging diva quarterback and an inept coach who goes by the nickname "Chilly." If you even once considered calling Bill Belichick "Billy" he'd probably jump across the table and strangle you to death with the strings from his hoodie.

Moss just fell into the trap that so many of us do. He didn't realize what he had until it was gone. He felt he deserved better than his current relationship and clamored to get out. He left the girlfriend who was stable and attractive, but didn't really offer much for the future, and got set-up with an ex-girlfriend who had become neurotic.

The first couple dates went fine as they were just getting to know each other again, but by the third date he just quit putting as much effort into it and by the fourth he had just given up.

Crossing paths with his ex seems to have been the breaking point. It made the realization of what he had done hit him with the speed of a pass from the Ol' Gunslinger (that he didn't even try to catch). He realized he wanted back what he had tried so hard to get out of. He wanted back the girl who may not be flashy, but always cooked a good meal and never served some "bleep" he wouldn't feed his dog.

He knew the grass on the other side may offer more green, but when he got there he could only peer over the fence and long to be back.

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  1. I thought you made great analogies about what it was like for Moss the week he was returning to New England, and what it was like to seem them again. Definitely funny.

    Minnesota was the grieving period and I think Tennessee will be a place where he can have some success. There is more coaching intelligence in Jeff Fishers mustache than Chilly could wish to have.

    Good read!